An image of Alma Pearson.

A Love Story and A Legacy

Beginning in a Browne’s Addition boarding house The year was 1935. Alma Holstein, having just graduated from High School, moved […]

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An image of the 3d computer generated presentation looking at proposed changes to Coeur d'Alene Park if one were looking at play ares of the park from the South West.

Park Transition in Progress

Comprehensive plan in action
This summer, visitors will see the gradual transformation of the north and south entrances to Coeur d’Alene Park. Eventually, the east and west entrances will be completed…

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An image of the Coeu d'alene Park Comprehensive Plan overview.

Comprehensive Plan Approved

In 2015, the comprehensive plan for Coeur d’Alene Park was approved by the Spokane Park Board. The plan blends the historic character of the park with the modern needs of the park’s visitors.

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