Browne and Cannon Invest in Spokane

 J.J. Browne and A.M. Cannon


An image of a map of Spokane from 1893 with Browne's Addition magnified.

Courtesy of Northwest Room Spokane Public Library.

In 1878, J.J. Browne and A.M. Cannon came to Spokane Falls to invest in Spokane. First they bought one half of the township that was owned by James Glover. Then they acquired almost 320 acres of forest land for development. This land became Browne’s Addition and Cannon Addition.  Almost immediately, they decided to donate 10 acres to the city where their land joined. The agreement was that if the city did not maintain the 10-acre park, it would revert back to its original owners.
Cite:, Browne’s Addition, The Age of Elegance


An image of a map of the proposed Coeur d'Alene Park.City Beautiful Movement

In 1891, the city of Spokane accepted the gift and during the City Beautiful Movement along with the help of the 150,000 Club, Coeur d’Alene Park was developed. It had curved pathways where neighborhood residents could wander through the pansy garden and around the ornamental shrubbery.

It was a peaceful place for everyone in Browne’s Addition. Coeur d’Alene Park featured a fish pond with a fountain made of lavarock. A rustic picnic gazebo was designed to look like a tiki hut and an onion-shaped band pavilion, situated in the center of the park often featured bands and other entertainment.

A Peaceful Place

On any given weekend people could be found wandering the curved pathways or playing tennis
or horseshoes in Coeur d’Alene Park. At the turn of the 20th century, weekends would find Browne’s Addition residents making friends, meeting beaus, and listening to music in the park.It
was the place that had something for everyone.