Meet the BAGG Ladies and Gents


You’ve seen them. The BAGGs are here and the BAGGs are there. You can see BAGGs just about everywhere….in Browne’s Addition. But what, and who, exactly, are they? The Browne’s Addition Gardening Group can be seen beautifying the traffic circle; sprucing up the urns in the park; and creating a new green space at the Sunset Island near Rosauers. Although our BAGGs usually hang out in small groups, there are about a dozen individual people altogether who spend time watering, weeding and winning over everyone with their hard work. They aren’t alone, however. The BAGG is part of the Associated Garden Clubs of Spokane, which has its roots in the early days of Spokane as the Spokane Floral Association. Gardening groups from several neighborhoods have become members and have received support through education and grants, including Browne’s Addition. So, say hello to the neighborhood’s weeders and waterers the next time you’re out and about.