Park Attendant Pitches In

Who is Kipp and where can you find him?


Not everyone gets to ride around in a Club Car. No, it’s not a private golf course. It’s not an elite corporate event. It’s Kipp Swanson taking care of Coeur d’Alene Park. On any given weekday, you can find him dragging hoses, setting the sprinklers and cleaning the bathroom. He’s the cheerful attendant of Coeur d’Alene Park and maintains the green space in Browne’s Addition. He drags hoses, sets the sprinklers, and cleans the bathrooms. He travels around to both Coeur d’Alene Park and Overlook Park and makes sure everything is neat and tidy. What’s the most interesting and strangest thing he’s seen? Hmmm. One of the homeless men hanging around in the park asked Kipp to give him something to do. Kipp asked him to clean the bathroom and he did—he cleaned everything from floors to ceilings. What a nice surprise. Kipp is spending his 2nd year as our park attendant so wave hello to this familiar guy the next time you see him tootling around in his Club Car. He’s our champion.