Park Pals Have Too Much Fun At ArtFest

Lemonade Stand, Face Painting, Tours…what more can you ask?

The opening of the Lemonade Stand on Friday, June 2, on the front lawn of the Patsy Clark Mansion, soon brought lines of people asking for lemonade, coffee and a sweet treat. The fun continued on Saturday as people wandered into the tent to see vintage photos of Coeur d’Alene Park as it once was and to browse through the Park’s Master Plan to see how it will be. As the day progressed and the weather warmed, volunteers showed up to set up a shelter for face painting. Dana and Ingrid went to work creating fanciful art on the faces of the children who brought their parents over and insisted on becoming kitties and dragons and spiderman. Other children and their parents enjoyed coloring on the giant chalkboard under the tree. Meanwhile, John Richards started tours of the Patsy Clark Mansion. Visitors learned about John’s great-grandfather, Patsy Clark, and his incredible journey from rags to riches through his mining ventures at the turn of the last century. Volunteers continued to arrive to welcome visitors and serve up cold lemonade.


Sunday brought cold and rain, and hot coffee became the popular drink. The weather didn’t deter the young’uns as they wandered over to sit quietly and be surprised with the wonders of the designs appearing on their faces. Then MaryLou Sproul started tours of the Patsy Clark Mansion and told stories of the family and the history of the mansion. Finally, the weekend ended and as volunteers dried off the tents and packed them up, there was talk about next year and how to make it even better.


The Friends of Coeur d’Alene Park appreciate the many people who supported this successful fund-raiser during ArtFest. More than 23 volunteers helped at the lemonade stand, in the face-painting tent, and at the tours of the Patsy Clark Mansion. The law offices of Eymann Allison Hunter Jones opened up their mansion for tours and provided special security during that time. They also spruced up the yard of the mansion with flowers and bark. Eric Crow donated coffee from his business, Cannon, Coffee and Cone. Dana Brimmer and Ingrid Maddox painted the faces of an untold number of children, and Kayla Stapleton and Clara Vazanko carried a sign around ArtFest inviting people to join the fun on the lawn of the Patsy Clark Mansion. John Richards and MaryLou Sproul gave tours of the Patsy Clark Mansion. Rick Biggerstaff showed up early on Friday and, along with Kelly Lotze, stayed late on Sunday to take down and take away all the tents, the lemonade stand and supplies. Julie Biggerstaff and MaryLou Sproul promoted the event, contacted the supporters and organized volunteers. So many more people helped with the set up and take down, with the selling and promoting, with taking tickets and cleaning up. Thank you for making it all a success. Next year will prove to be even more fun and profitable with all proceeds going towards the work in our wonderful park.