Trespoopers Violate Park

Trespoopers twist, skip, jump and do the doggy doo hop

An image of dogs looking at the doggie doo baggie dispenser.

Names for a new dance craze? Ugh no. The reality of our pet friends “needing to go” cannot be denied. It is evident some pet parents do not adhere to the old cliche, “No job is finished until the paperwork is done”.

Yes, it seems that dogs are burdened with a bad rap about the unpleasant packages we encounter in public spaces. Truly they are just acting as they have been trained.

Who pooped in the park?
Who made such a mess?
Who cleans it up?
It’s anyone’s guess.
Please use a poop bag!
Pick up after your dog.
It’ll be so much better.
To walk and to jog.

— MaryLou Sproul

Surely if the defecation culprit were, let’s say, a kangaroo, elephant or Sasquatch, one would hope owners of those “comfort animals” would be attentive to the socially responsible tasks associated with said ownership. Dog owners carry no less civic expectation and responsibility. Please pick up your dog’s poo.